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Ethan’s Recommended Training Tools & Toys

Below are some items that we highly recommend you purchase for [dog’s name]. If you are going to buy any of these items, buy them before dropoff day so Ethan can work with you and the tool. Please note, we do earn a small commission off of every sale through the following links.

Place Boards

Ethan worked with your dog on a placeboard regularly, and will be an amazing tool for you for post-training. If you have any questions about the size, don’t hesitate to email us. We highly recommend you purchase one for your home.

Shop and Purchase A Placeboard here


If you already have one, great. If not, MidWest Homes on Amazon is the most affordable brand, which is hyperlinked here. Crates at PetSmart, Petco and other local stores like Walmart and Target are almost twice the price. If you are not sure about the size, we’d be happy to give you our best advice!

Shop and Purchase A Crate Here


This is completely optional, however, these are the leashes Ethan uses regularly. We have a lot of our clients ask where we get these, so here you go! They are high quality, much more durable than most other leashes, and have no flex or give to them. He also recommends the 4ft version.

Shop and Purchase Leashes Here

Dog Toys

Ethan is very passionate and adamant about using high quality toys that do not present a choking hazard. He uses these toys with all dogs that he trains, and he would highly recommend to throw out any toys that your dog has the ability to chew up or destroy.

Shop Our Recommended Dog Toys

Shop All These Items and More

If you’d like to visit our Amazon Storefront, you can click HERE to view all of the tools and products that Ethan uses and recommends.

*Please note, we make a small commission from all sales that begin through any of these links.