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Why NCA Is Right For You!

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We Are Changing Dog Training In NOVA

Video Catalog & Documentation

You receive a catalog of videos of YOUR DOGS training sessions. We document all major training sessions for you to review in the future.


We are as transparent as it gets – We publicly post videos at all stages of training. There’s a reason some companies don’t…

Personalized Experience

Our company consists of TWO people, Dog Trainer/CEO and a Content Experience Manager. It doesn’t get more personalized than that.

Realistic Goals

We tell you exactly where we expect your dog to be, depending on their length of stay. Dogs cannot be fully off-leash trained in 2 weeks, don’t let anyone tell you they can.

Our Pricing

4 Week Board & Train


6 Week Board & Train



All Programs Also Include:

Catalog Of Training Videos With Your Dog
3-5 Hour Training Session On Completion
Lifetime Support

How Nova K9 Academy Works

Our training works on dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Our balanced training technique has worked on every dog we have worked with, improving the owner-dog relationship for each and every one of our clients.

Dogs have an attention span between 5 and 20 minutes, and training sessions any longer than this will slow your dogs learning. Throughout each day, we’ll build off the foundation that we set for your dog. Nearly everything we do is a training opportunity for your dog, and your dog will have consistent lessons throughout the morning, day and evening. Throughout your dog’s board and train, they will have our outmost attention, to ensure a successful result.

After Training:

Consistency matters after training. For example, I can give you a Ferrari, a beautiful and fast sports car, but if you don’t know how to drive it, you’ll shred the gear box, crash it, and/or not use it how it was intended. The same goes for your dog. Poor habits and behaviors your dog has learned or inherited will be gone, but we need to make sure the old habits die hard. That’s why we’ll give you a 30-day formula to ensure your success with your newly trained and well behaved dog.


Improve Communication with your Dog

As we complete the finishing touches on your dog, we’ll show you all our tips and techniques in our walk through. The feeling of your dog ignoring your commands will happen no more, and your dog will love you more for it.

Best Board & Train in Northern Virginia

Here at NOVA Canine Academy, we have the best board and train program in Northern Virginia. We’ll train your K9 in obedience, improving your relationship with your dog. We use our balanced training method, otherwise known as the Koehler Method.


A Personalized Experience

Your dog will be in a small-group with one other dog. No large groups, all the attention on your dog. We work with you to come up with the best possible outcome for the program.